Library Information

Library Hours

Open everyday at 7:15 am

Closed Monday, Tuesday & Thursday at 3:30
Wednesday at 4:00
Closed Fridays after school

Occasionally, the library will be closed for meetings, testing, or other school related events. 

When both doors are open, students are welcomed to use the library.


Lunch Hours

Open both lunches (most days)

Closed during lunch when there is a class in session.




Students may check out up to three books for a three week period.

Audio Books:
Only one digital audio book may be checked out at a time.

New magazines are not allowed to be checked out but you may read them IN THE LIBRARY. Older magazines may be checked out for one week.



Starting in middle school, students will be charged ten cents a day for each item returned late. This includes books, audio books, and magazines.
The maximum fine is $5.00 for each item.

Students who have overdue books or fines may not check out anything else until all overdue books are returned and all fines are paid.

If item is lost, students are required to pay for the full price of the item. Please notify the librarian as soon as possible.

If items are returned damaged, students will be required to pay a damage fee. If the item is no longer usable, the price of the item will be charged.


Don’t have money to pay your fine?

box top

You can now use BOX TOPS to pay for your fines.

For example, if you owe $
then you can bring in 5 box tops to pay the fine.


desktop computerComputers     

Library computers are used for research purposes and school work ONLY.
  • No games, music, video watching, social media or personal printing is allowed.

For more reliable and accurate information, the Gale database is encouraged to be used instead of the Internet or Google. Check out the resource link for the Gale database.

You are welcome to use Office 365 on the library computers. Please sign in with the librarian first.

 printerPrinting Rules

 You must ask permission to print.

  • Copies must be approved by your teacher or the librarian.
  • First 3 copies of personal printing is free.
  • You will be charged 10 cents for each additional copy.

 Do NOT print directly from the internet. Copy and paste your information onto a word document. (ASK if you need help).