Ordonez, Yvette




Dear Parents and students,

Hello! It is my pleasure to welcome you to Charles Middle School. I am looking forward to having a fantastic year teaching you and learning from you. I cannot wait to get to know all of you and remember my goal is for you, the student, to be successful in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable and have the best 6th grade year possible!

This is my 10th year teaching at Charles and am extremely passionate about teaching and reading. I love and play all sports but my favorites are volleyball and running. You may even see me running in your neighborhoods! My favorite pro teams are the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers. Sports give us the opportunity to shine as individuals and to build on our teamwork skills.

          *****Teacher Contact*****     

 Conference:  Scheduled conferences can be made by calling the school at 236-6550.

 Contact Us! Feel free to call me any time to request a conference or e-mail me at yordonez@episd.org.

  6th Grade English/Reading Supply List    

  •   Blue or black ink pen
  •   #2 Pencils   
  •   1 box of Kleenex
  •   1 Composition notebook
  •   Notebook paper (wide or college rule)
  •   1 Binder for English and Reading (size does not matter)
  •   3 Prong (brad) plastic folder w/pockets
  •   1 bottle of glue OR 1 large glue stick


You will need to bring the following to class everyday:

  • Binder with paper
  • 3 Prong Folder w/pockets
  • 2 pencils        
  • 1 black/blue ink pen  

***Composition Notebooks will be kept in classroom. Highlighters, markers, colored pencils, scissors, crayons, rulers, and other miscellaneous art supplies for in-class use will be supplied by the teacher when needed.