Bustamante, Elvia

Change is the end result of all true learning.   Leo Buscaglia

Ms. Bustamante   7th grade ELAR   Room B18

Conference Period:  8th period (2:05 – 2:50)

Contact Information (915) 236-6550      ebustam1@episd.org



This year my goal as a teacher is to guide students in my class to find academic success in the following three areas: writing, reading, and critical thinking skills.


The following information is provided to help you understand what is expected of all students in my class.

Class Rules:

  • Arrive to class on time (be in assigned seat before tardy bell)
  • Be prepared (with all materials needed for class)
  • Respect ourselves and others at all times


  • 1st offense: Redirection to proper behavior
  • 2nd offense: Student/Teacher Conference after class
  • 3rd offense: 15 minutes after school detention
  • Telephone call home or to parent/legal guardian’s work or home visit*
  • Referral to office

*If you are in any Extracurricular Activities I will speak with your Coach/Sponsor about your class room behavior.

Grading Policy:

      Assignments are graded as follows

  • English 50%
  • Reading 50%


Make-up work: It is the responsibility of the student to get any missed assignment due to an EXCUSED absence. Make-up work is due the day after your return from an absence no exceptions. I will be glad to help a student go over any material they missed due to an absence, please arrange to meet with me after school that same day to go over the material. If your absence was unexcused you may not make-up the assignments, unless an Excused absence slip was issued from the Attendance Office the day of your return (these are to be taken care of before 1st period.)

Progress Reports: will be sent home for the following reasons: every 3rd week of each grading period or upon the request of a parent or legal guardian (may be emailed.)



Student must fill out a tardy card and hand it in to teacher

Tardies will be handled as follows:

  • First Tardy – 10 minute after school detention
  • Second Tardy – 10 minute after school detention & Telephone call home
  • Third Tardy – Referral to Administrative Team


First and foremost, please be on your best behavior when I am out of the classroom. Whenever there is a substitute all Rules and Consequences are applicable. Keep in mind that they are entitled to ask another teacher to telephone the front office to have students escorted to the Assistant Principals office.

Any disorderly conduct with a substitute will have consequences upon my return. Remember the substitute is the adult in the classroom; they should be respected and obeyed at all times.