Raehl, Valkyrie

A little about Me:


Teaching Background:
I have been teaching special education since the 1998/99 school year,  and have been at Charles Middle School since the 1999/2000 school year.  I taught BIC3 my first 5 years, then taught AIM3 for 11 years, and am now doing Inclusion and DRD.  

Job  & Education History:
Prior to my teaching career, I worked with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office for 7 1/2 years.  
I have a B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice from UT El Paso.
I am certified in Special Education K-12 & Generalist 4-8 Certification.
I have a Masters of Education in Special Education as of May 2015.  
Currently, I have taken several Gifted & Talented staff development classes.

Contacting Me:
You can e-mail me at:  varaehl@episd.org.
You can also call the front office, 236-6550, and ask for room 107.  My conference time has yet to be determined.

About Me:  
I was with the first class to attend Charles Middle School 6th-8th grade  when it opened in 1975. (Two of my former teachers were still teaching here when I started in 1999!)  I graduated from Andress High School in 1982.

Personal Philosophy:
I believe there is no cookie-cutter approach to educating children, because each child is unique.
I also believe that we should expect our children to be all that they can be.