Bell, Daniel

Hello My Name Is...

Daniel Bell


 I have been  teaching for 9 years, and graduated from NMSU in 2004. I have a background in singing Opera, and have enjoyed singing with many ensembles over the years.

Your Choir 2014-2015


We will be a group connected by music and a love for the arts. We will develop an understanding of ourselves as leaders in all disciplines on campus. We will rise above the expectations in all area, sending students out of class with a sense of success and achievement!


Students collaborate in four major strands: perception, creative expression/performance, historical and cultural heritage, and critical evaluation. We build a network of musical ideas for students to be proud of their humanity and emotions. We develop our intellect and refine their emotions, understanding the cultural and creative nature of musical artistry and making connections among music, the other arts, technology, and other aspects of social life. We cleverly express, and apply music and critical-thinking to build a lifelong love for Becoming Better People. We reflect on musical periods and styles, and produce meaningful experiences in a crazy world.

1, 2, 3 periods HE Charles
4th Conference
5th Advanced Choir
6th General Music
7th Beginning Choir
8th Beginning Choir


Students earn grades based on five categories:


All grades are designed to indicate if a student is on track with developing the four strands. The following areas will be graded and weighted:

Participation: 30%

Home Singing: 10%

Concerts: 20%

Sight Singing: 20%

Written Tests: 20%


Grades are earned weekly. (Not weakly) Sight Singing is a MAJOR PART of your grade because it is needed to build musical skills. All students are expected to perform in 2 concerts per year, but must earn the right to sing in each concert provided – several opportunities are provided!

Students are held accountable to inform their parents about concert dates, requirements, and expectations; and must meet UIL standards to participate in certain performances. An eligibility calendar is attached for reference, please be aware of your GRADES in all class.

Students with ill behavior will not be allowed to sing in off-campus performances

Expected Behaviors: Teacher is expected to smile and teach. J Students are expected to respect and comply with district and campus policies and procedures. Perform music with a high level of Character, by arriving on time, prepared to sing, and demonstrate improved skills throughout the school year. Students who do not demonstrate these characteristics will have the following consequences: 1) Student teacher conference, 2) Parent Contact, 3) Loss of classroom privileges, and 4) Referral to administration, with possible removal from the choir program.

With TARDIES three warnings are enough. If you cannot arrive on time then something is wrong.
Students must attend class respectfully to learn. We must change the way ACT to create success. Appropriate measures will be taken to support positive change. Remember our goal is to connect, collaborate, build and develop creative expression to produce meaningful experiences.