Magnet School Application for current 8th graders

Application instructions for Magnet Schools and/or Early Colleges


To apply:  Please ensure you are using Google Chrome as your browser

  1.  Login to Parent Portal

  2.  Select Student Name

  3.  Select Student Tools

  4.  Select High School Program

  5.  Select Create a Program of Study

  6.  Select up to three schools of your choice

  7.  Select two “current”  teachers for the Letters of Recommendation

Tip for the two items below:  Have student type their extracurricular and statement of interest in a Word Document to cut and paste on the application.  This would be in case the application does not go through on your first attempt.

  8.  Have the student write a paragraph for their Extracurricular Activities

  9.  Have the student write a paragraph for their Statement of Interest

10.  Click the 3 acknowledgment boxes

11.  Electronically sign the form with parent name as it appears on Parent Portal

12.  Click Submit

You will get either of two messages:

You have successfully submitted the application

There was an error in the submission of your application (in which case you will have to reattempt)

If you are having problems, please feel free to call us and we will do our best to assist you.


Mrs. Carranco

Mr. Gladden